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Uwerx: Revolutionizing the Freelance Industry with Blockchain Technology

• Cryptocurrency projects can fail during their ICO stages due to unreasonable tokenomics.
• Monero (XMR) is a decentralized platform with low transactional costs and user privacy.
• Uwerx is a revolutionary project introducing blockchain technology to freelancing, with its Alpha version releasing this week.

Cryptocurrency Projects Failing ICOs

Crypto projects often fail their ICO stages when their tokenomics become unsustainable for the platform. Without an effective ICO strategy, the project’s future might be uncertain. Nevertheless, analysts believe that Uwerx has a bright future compared to existing projects like The Sandbox (SAND) and Monero (XMR).

Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is a decentralized platform prioritizing low transactional costs and user privacy. It uses three technologies; stealth addresses, ring signatures, and RingCT, making every transaction on the network untraceable. Currently trading at $154 with a market cap of almost $3 billion, Monero’s community remains bullish about its performance due to its fungibility and privacy features. It will only ever have 18 million XMR in circulation giving it an advantage in value and real-world usability.


With 1.9 million workers joining the freelance industry in 2020, Uwerx believes that number could be greater by 2025 but with poor working conditions in the gig market. By using blockchain technology, Uwerx hopes to restore glory to freelancing and create better working situations for contract workers. Features such as protected intellectual property rights, escrow payments, incentive structures, performance reviews, conflict management, and P2P transactions will be included on the platform once it launches on 19th May 2023 after more improvements are made based on helpful comments from users exploring its Alpha version this week.

Uwerx’s Bright Future

With 5,000 confirmed users already signing up for Uwerx’s upcoming launch date despite not having released any of its features yet shows just how much potential this project has to succeed against existing competition in the freelance industry. Its excellent ICO strategy makes analysts confident that this project will outlast other crypto projects like The Sandbox (SAND) or Monero (XMR).


Uwerx appears set on revolutionizing freelancing by introducing blockchain technology into it while creating better working conditions for contract workers along with other features such as escrow payments and conflict management tools which should make it stand out among current competitors in the space when it launches later this year