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German Expat Finds Success With Homestead & Bitcoin in Portugal

• Julia moved to Portugal from Germany when she was 19 years old and eventually settled there.
• Julia started a homestead that feeds her family and also started a Bitcoin meetup in her local community.
• Julia talks about how both Bitcoin and homesteading require high upfront investment and very low time preference.

Julia is a German expat who has found a home in the southern region of Portugal. She has established a homestead that provides for her family and has become an advocate for Bitcoin in her local community.

Julia’s journey to Portugal began when she was 19 years old. She was looking for a way to travel and found an opportunity to work in the country for three months. She quickly fell in love with Portugal and decided to stay, eventually bringing her parents and brothers over to join her.

Julia has been living in Portugal for over a decade and has made a life for herself there. She has started a homestead on the land she lives on and is able to grow enough food to feed her family. She has also become a champion of Bitcoin in her local community, hosting meetups and educating others on the cryptocurrency.

Julia has found that both Bitcoin and homesteading require a high upfront investment and very low time preference. They both are hard work, but the end result is worth it. She believes that the same principles that apply to her homestead are also applicable to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Julia is an inspiration to all who want to pursue their dreams and make the world a better place. Her story shows the power of dedication and hard work, and her commitment to her local community and Bitcoin are a testament to her spirit.