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Earn Bitcoin While You Play: VIKER & ZEBEDEE Launch Bitcoin Chess & Scratch

• ZEBEDEE and VIKER have announced the launch of two additional Bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess (iOS/Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS/Android).
• Players can earn a few cents per session with these games, which is made possible by revenue sharing.
• The two firms are already preparing for their next launch, which will be a well-known franchise added to their portfolio.

ZEBEDEE and VIKER Launch Two Additional Bitcoin Games

ZEBEDEE and VIKER, both firms in the gaming industry, have launched two more bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess (iOS & Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS & Android). Both are available now on the respective app stores.

Earn Money Playing Games

Players can earn a few cents per session while playing these games through revenue sharing. This creates an engaging experience for players that leads to better retention, ultimately making the game more profitable despite the revenue share. Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER said that implementing rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform is about creating an interesting and fun experience. Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE explained that they weren’t targeting solely Bitcoiners as their audience.

Upcoming Launch

The two gaming firms have already started prepping for their next launch which will include adding a very well-known franchise to their portfolio. This game will also feature earning rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform in order to create an entertaining experience for players.


The sustainability of providing bitcoin to players who play the game lies in splitting what they earn from the game with the player – this way it creates an enjoyable experience for players without having to provide large amounts of money each time they play.


In conclusion, ZEBEDEE and VIKER have released two new bitcoin powered games allowing players to earn tiny rewards while playing them without having to provide large amounts of money each time they play – making it sustainable longterm. They are also prepping for another upcoming launch featuring a well known franchise as part of their portfolio where players will be able to earn even more rewards when playing it!